Wouldn't you love to ride like the people that make it look easy? It's no secret the best feeling out there is stomping a clean trick, or getting some good air.
Let's go over all the different types of tricks you should know. These are going to build the fundamentals you absolutely need to put together the lines you desire, and eventually move on to bigger tricks. Once you learn these you’re guaranteed to start surprising yourself.
Starting with the…

First and oldest trick in the book. Yes, just like a skateboard ollie, except easier. This is the trick you will use most and what’s gonna be your best fundamental. This is also what we mean when we use the term “pop”. So here’s how… Shift your weight or pressure to your back foot, then jump upwards by pulling your front foot up first and exploding off your back foot second, bringing it to a level position with your front foot in the air. The better you become at this, the more pop you will have for your other tricks. 

snowboarding ollie steps



The Nollie is what you may have guessed, the opposite of an ollie. You create the same pop only this time starting by putting pressure on your front foot, then jumping upwards by pulling your back foot up. Then of course, leveling it out in the air by bringing up your front foot. This trick is very satisfying and adds a lot of style to your runs. 

nollie snowboarding

Here where the style points start to rack up. It’s time to start rotating. For a frontside 180 you’re going to spin toward your front side. Meaning in the first part of your spin, your front side (chest) will face forward down the mountain. Here's how… Start by loading your arms and waist, getting them ready to spin the direction you’re going. Then as you’re bringing them around you initiate your pop (ollie). So as you pop off the snow your body and arms should already be spinning in the direction you’re going. This will cause you to rotate once you’re airborne. Then once you’ve spun 180 degrees in the air you can put your feet down and ride away clean. 

frontside 360 snowboarding

The same principals of a frontside 180. Only during the first part of your rotation your back side (back) will be facing down the mountain.

backside 180

The 50-50 grind is a super fun and simple rail trick. Ollie or ride straight onto a rail, being sure to keep your weight evenly balanced and board completely flat on the rail. Then focus on riding all the way off the end of the rail. 

50 50 snowboarding

The boardslide is an extremely fun rail trick that shows high levels of skill. As you approach the rail, rotate 90 degrees as you ollie on, aiming to land with the rail in between your feet, and the board completely flat on the rail. This grind you will be facing forward down the mountain with both feet hanging off the sides of the rail. 

boardslide snowboarding


While in the air, reach down with your front hand and grab the heel side of your board. Then simply hold the pose showing off your style. 

melon grab

While in the air, reach down with your back hand and grab the toe side of your board. 

INDY GRAB snowboarding

First try the tail press on an easy flat run where you feel comfortable. With a little speed, shift your weight back and lean on your back leg. While doing this pull your front foot up bending the board so that it feels like you’re doing a wheelie. 

snowboarding tail press

Just like the tail press but on your nose. Shift your weight to the front and let your back leg float. This one’s gonna feel a little more intimidating so the biggest part is overcoming the mental fear. 

nose press snowboarding
Got those down? Now it’s time to show people you’ve mastered the snowboard

Time to commit to a full rotation. Remember frontside means your chest will face forward first. Off a jump or from an ollie, you want to load your arms and core (pulling them back and throwing them in the direction of the rotation). So that when you leave the ground your momentum is going in the direction of the spin. So pop, rotate, and look hard in the direction you’re spinning. When you get around and can spot the landing, it’s time to put your feet down and absorb the landing. 


With your back facing down the mountain first, do the same motion it takes to do a 360, spot your landing, and stomp the trick.


First advanced things you might consider trying…

During a 50-50, try leaning back and adding a tail press. 

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