What is the MIPS system? How does it affect snow helmets?

What is the MIPS system? How does it affect snow helmets?

What is the MIPS system? How does it affect snow helmets?

Ensuring safety during winter sports like skiing and snowboarding is paramount. That's why the use of ski helmets, especially those equipped with advanced safety technology, is essential for protecting sports enthusiasts from potential injuries.

One such cutting-edge technology is the Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS). Designed to reduce rotational forces during impacts, MIPS significantly enhances the safety features of ski helmets, helping to prevent serious brain injuries.

What is MIPS

In this blog post, we will explore the intricacies of MIPS technology in ski helmets, its multiple advantages, and how it revolutionizes the safety standards in winter sports. Our discussion will provide valuable insights into choosing the best ski helmets for your winter sports adventures.

Understanding MIPS: A Game-Changer in Helmet Safety

Traditional ski helmets, including youth ski helmets, are designed to absorb direct impacts. However, they often overlook an essential factor: rotational forces. These forces can lead to severe brain injuries, pointing to a significant safety gap in traditional helmet design.

This is where the game-changing MIPS, or Multi-directional Impact Protection System, comes in. MIPS technology enhances the protective features of ski helmets by addressing the risk of rotational forces. It is a core feature in many ski helmets and MIPS snow helmets today.

The brilliance of MIPS lies in its simplicity. It introduces an innovative low-friction layer between the helmet's outer shell and the inner liner. This layer allows a tiny amount of rotational movement during an impact. The purpose? To redirect the rotational forces away from the brain, thereby significantly reducing the risk of severe brain injury.

In essence, MIPS technology is setting new safety standards in winter sports, making ski helmets more effective in protecting against both direct impacts and rotational forces.

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Why should you choose MIPS?

Enhanced Protection

One of the key benefits of MIPS technology in ski helmets is that it greatly enhances safety. By introducing an additional layer of protection against rotational forces, MIPS substantially reduces the risk of serious head injuries during skiing. Although it's a small modification to the traditional ski helmet design, its effect on a skier's safety is remarkably significant.

Comfort and Fit

Not only do MIPS ski helmets offer top-notch safety, but they also deliver the same level of comfort as traditional ski helmets. This design lets skiers and snowboarders enjoy their time on the slopes without the worry of wearing an uncomfortable or poorly fitting helmet. Thanks to the thin MIPS layer, the helmet's fit remains unaffected, guaranteeing a comfortable and safe

A Standard for the Future

MIPS technology is quickly becoming standard in top-tier snow helmets as consumers prioritize safety. As awareness grows, more brands are incorporating MIPS into their products, expanding its use beyond snow helmets to biking and motorcycle helmets. This broad application highlights the universal effectiveness of MIPS snow helmets.

MIPS Technology in Action: Snow Helmets Available at SNOWEARS

NANDN Mips Skiing Helmets
NANDN's latest addition to the NT series, the NANDN32 helmet, features a lightweight and comfortable MIPS system. The innovative MIPS technology is integrated into the helmet's inner liner, providing 10-15mm of omnidirectional rotational capability. The primary goal of this technology, which allows for sliding, is to lessen impact forces from various angles. This ultimately reduces the severity of the brain's shock from accidental impacts.
REV MIPS Asian Heltmets
The REV ski/snowboard helmet comes with an extremely comfortable liner, ensuring both comfort and insulation. The earpads, apart from being compatible with audio devices, are removable for those warmer skiing days. Additionally, the helmet features a fine-tuning adjustment system to ensure a perfect fit. Its design ensures that the wearer does not compromise on safety or lose out on the fun aspects of the sport.

    In Closing

    With MIPS technology, we're witnessing a significant shift in how helmet safety is approached and implemented. Its integration into snow helmets is a testament to the industry's dedication to continually improving safety standards for winter sports enthusiasts. As the technology continues to evolve and gain popularity, we can expect even safer and more efficient helmets in the future.

    Stay safe and enjoy the slopes with the peace of mind that MIPS-equipped helmets provide. Remember, safety first!


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