Cool Girl's Winter Show (Clothing Fair)

Cool Girl's Winter Show (Clothing Fair)

❄️Life is full of show grounds, today we will talk about the clothing choices for skiing.

Skiing is the same as general winter outdoor activities, basically you need to wear three layers:

Inner layer: quick-drying underwear or compression clothes, common outdoor brands can buy, the price is not expensive

Middle layer: fleece or sweater

Outer layer: windproof and waterproof jacket, ski suit


Snow jacket

Brands: Nappings, STL, Burton, Snowears

Generally, snowboard clothing is relatively loose, because the snowboard movement is large, and too tight clothing restricts activities. The double board is more self-cultivation, and now there are many hip-hop loose models.

*Traditional slim fit

Korean Brand: Nappings


Korean brand:STL

American brand: Burton 

In fact, I am very fond of conjoined models



  1. Pay attention to the indexes of waterproof and breathable, the higher the index, the better;
  2. The best material at present is GORE-TEX, Colombia clothes have a reflective layer of aluminum foil to keep warm;

The aluminum foil layer in the glove

The length of the clothes should be long enough for your buttocks, and a short one will make you fall down, just like someone has stuffed snow into your clothes. . .
There is a snow-proof skirt at the waist, and the trouser legs and cuffs must have "sleeves" to prevent snow from entering

Trouser opening


Underarms, trouser legs have vents


Other than jackets:

  • Ski pants : must be sturdy and hard-wearing
  • Goggles: goggles have a lot of brilliant colors, you can choose; there are rimmed and rimless models; many good brands have Asian fit design, the nose bridge fits better; if you wear glasses, there can be set glasses inside.

Oakley's Asian fit, rimless, can cover the glasses

  • Helmet:  must be wrap all back of the head.

from Oakley 

  • Hat: If you have good skills, not afraid to fall, you can also wear a hat, of course, breathable warmth is very important
  • Face shield: do not choose black, as shown in the picture, the exhaled breath will become a white layer attached to the mouth around

 You can choose this 👇, it's easier to wear and won't fall down.


The above is all personal opinion, if you want to wear this 👇, of course, it is also possible 😜

Come play in the snow, this time you are the heroine ~


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